// Molotov Jukebox - Natalia Tena & Max Burnett-Wain//

Oh triple Wow ! Molotov Jukebox put our mind on fire last Saturday at Islington Mill, Salford ! The remedy to feeling blue definitely lies in what these 6 extraordinary and extremely friendly people share with you : Love, Warmth and Happiness. We were instantly part of the Molotov Jukebox family.

Molotov Jukebox is touring around the UK and soon in Brazil so check whether they play near where you are as it is a must see concert ! One of the best 2011 concert for us !

After the show, Natalia Tena and Max Burnett-Wain and us had a little chat around Jagermeister and JD.

Concert promoted by Salford Music Festival


1st concert seen : “Sum 41 when I was 15 at Brixton Academy.”

1st concert played : “The band has gone throught 16 different musicians. The 1st concert we played together as the band formed today was at King’s Cross last year.”

1st travel : “I went to Austria with my family when I was 3 and learnt how to ski.”

1st book : “Marzipan Max. It’s a great book !”

1st exhibition : “The Tate Modern in London on a school trip. I was 13.”

1st cassette/record/CD bought : “It was a CD. Lost Prophets – Start Something.”

1st kiss : “I was 12, it was the end of year. We all went by the river. Gemma was my 1st kiss.”

1st hangover : “I was 13 and at the time, I could pass for an 18 years old guy ! So I bought a bottle of vodka, which you can’t do nowadays! My friends and I went to The Common at Tunbridge Wells. We climbed to the top of the rocks. Half way of the bottle I thought “Oh God, we’re gonna have to get down !” I can’t remember how but we managed to get down. Then, I thought it would be a great idea to hang out in our house’s new extension my dad was having built. So I climbed the scaffoldings and made sure I opened the window without a sound. It took me 45 minutes ! When I finally was able to get in, I crawled through and tried to reach the table which I thought was there. Unfortunately, it wasn’t ! I fell and knocked everything down, making A LOT of noise ! My dad came and said : “You’re in trouble.” It was quite an experience !”

1st fight : “In the village I come from, I was well-known for getting in trouble very easily. I mean, I would get started at every party and my dad would have to come and fetch me ! When I was 17, I was at a party with my girlfriend. We decided to leave and 4 guys, who were bullies, followed us. They were probably annoyed because I was going out with this girl ! They started the fight but my friends came and helped me. We won !”


1st concert seen : “I went to Ronnie Scotts when I was 15. I was in love with the jazz pianist !”

1st concert played (see Max’s answer)

1st travel : “As my mother is Spanish, she took me to Spain when I was 2 months in order to present her daughter to the family.”

1st book : “When I was a child, I used to have an enormous collection of nursery rhymes. I was so obsessed with them I knew the number of each poem and when I wanted my mum to read one of them, I would say “number 42” for instance or “number 24”.”

1st exhibition : “When I was 7, I used to take an Art lesson every Saturday. Once in a while, my Art teacher used to take me to exhibitions. The 1st one would be at The National Art Gallery.”

1st cassette/record/CD bought : “Elvis Prestley – Greatest Hits on tape. I was 4 ½ years old and I used to read the titles and lyrics of the songs with my dad.”

1st kiss : “I have 2 ! The first I can only vouch for is because it’s immortalised on a photograph ! I was 2 ½ yrs old and it happened at my mum’s office party. Everybody was supposed to dress up as the country they represented so I was dressed in a Spanish outfit. I grabbed a boy and kissed him, including my tongue ! (laughs)

The second 1st kiss, which I can remember was with Harry Gillesbie. He had ginger hair and we kissed on the “Kissing tree”, which was in the middle of a field.”

1st hangover : “It happened in Spain. All my bestfriends and I were in a village during the holidays. Whilst they were discovering the joy of relationship, I was discovering Tequila ! I drank a whole bottle by myself, started a car and drove. I didn’t harm anyone though ! The following day, I woke up naked on the marble floor with a finger sock on my hand and no reminiscence of the night before! Then I had to clean the car and try and get rid of the menthol cigarettes smell. It was AWFULL ! I cannot drink tequila anymore !!.”

1st fight : “You know when you’re young, there is this “kiss chase”, meaning you kick a boy because you like him ? Well, when I was 7, I started to kick a guy as he wouldn’t kiss me. I kicked him so hard he grabbed a violin and hit me in the face. We ended up on the floor, both crying and bleeding. The end of the story resumes in one word : Detention !”

Molotov Jukebox members :

Lead Vocals / Accordion: Natalia Tena

Violin / Vocals: Sam Apley

Guitar: Adam Burke

Bass: Tom Wilson

Drums: Max Burnett-Wain

Trumpet: Angus Moncrieff