// François And The atlas Mountains - François Marry//

I can assure one thing about François And The atlas Mountains, listening to their new album really makes you good about life and yourself. I didn’t get the chance to meet the really handsome François but he agreed to send us his answers and here’s what he wrote…

Concert promoted by Hey! Manchester.

(c) Iola Pertwowsky

1st concert played with The Atlas Mountains : “Folk House Bristol spring 2004.”

1st book : “Le Chamoix d’or, a story about a young boy looking for a golden goat in the mountains.”

1st cassette/CD/record bought : “President of The United States of America.”

1st exhibition : “Franics Bacon retrospective at le centre Pompidou.”

1st travel abroad : “California in 1996.”

1st fight : “I never fought.”

1st kiss : “I was in Year 8„ right in the middle of the school yard, with about 10 friends escorting me towards Céline’s lips.”

1st hangover : “In Spain during a school trip the same year. We all went to a restaurant and the teachers were sat at another table. They didn’t realised we were served Sangria instead of water!”

1st movie watched at the cinema : “Some Walt Disney film.”